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Create some buzz--buy the book that tells you how to do it! Laurie Mercer's Opportunity Knocks: Using PR with co-author Jennifer Singer, is available at Amazon. An all-new, updated version will be avaiable as an ebook shortly from Davis E-Book Publishing.

Now an e-book! Siegfried, a peacock, is special. Siegfried is white in a colorful world; His story is about diversity and what it feels like to stand out. The book was written entirely by 6-8 year old children. Siegfried the Weird White Peacock is available from Davis E-Book Publishing at http://ebooks.davis-publishing.com. The buzz at Laurie Mercer PR indicates that Siegfried is talking to some talk show hosts about getting his story out there. His site is under construction, and will be available shortly. Hard copies of the book will be available on this web site very soon..

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